7 steps to a happy you :)



Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. You are already on your way to a happy you. Its a crazy world, isnt it? Each one of us is looking for happiness. Days, months and years go by in pursuit of what we think would make us happy. There is this tiny void that gets bigger as time passes. Dont fret. Happiness is everywhere. And the best place to find it? Can you guess? Read on to find out more.

Here explained are seven steps that can give a life of abundant happiness:

1. Smile: Yes, this is the most primordial of all expressions. Yet, very often this simple act of smiling is forgotten. Smile, when happy they say. Also very importantly, smile when you are not happy. As quoted by The Mother, founder of Auroville, 'To conquer the difficulties there is more power in a smile than in a sigh'. When we smile when sad or at a time of difficulty, it gives us enormous control of the self and the situation. So smile away. When everything is fine and more importantly when it is not.

2. Volunteer: If smiling is one tool to beat the blues, let me assure you volunteering is another means to make the world around you a happier place to live in. Its a win-win. Look for the nearest day for available free time, reach out to an NGO and go out there, spend time with kids in an orphanage, engage in meaningful conversations with the elderly in an old age home, distribute books or teach dance in a government school. The options are plenty. Trust me. All of us here on this planet need to be there for each other.

3. Gratitude: Have you ever wondered as to what is that one ingredient that gives flavour to food? Or what makes sunset..welll... so orange.? We may not yet know the answers to these. But we sure can figure out what makes a person happy with what he or she has. No prizes for guessing here. Its gratitude. Being thankful for what we have, who we are, with whom we are and where we are is one of the most powerful tools for a happy life.

Kindly take a moment to once again read each aspect of the mentioned line and reflect the meaning in each. Once this is done, send a silent thank you to the universe. Herewith starts your journey towards a thankful life.

4. Practise your passion: Our jobs may help pay the bills and invest for the future. However, doing what we love doing, even if as a hobby is another sure shot at being happy. If painting or sketching is something that you love to do, develop the skill when you find time. There might be a million little things to do out there. Find that one passion and stick to it. There is joy in being good at something.

5. Meditate: In this fast paced, ready to made, 'everything in an instant' or 'click of a button' life, taking time off to pause and reflect is one of the most important steps to create a calm and happy life. It is the superfood for the soul. It clears any extra baggage that the mind is loaded with and makes the person lighter and happy on the go.

6. Being physically active: Along with keeping the mind healthy by meditating, we must also keep ourselves physically active to be healthy physically. Only a person with a healthy mind and a healthy body can live happily. So take that walk, run joyfully, play a sport or dance it off.

7. Express yourself: At times, unexpressed emotions and feelings that bottle up over time can cause unthinkable distress. Say that sorry which has been long overdue. Forgive to set yourself free. If that person is out of reach for various reasons, write a note or a letter and put all your words in there. This practice is freeing and will lead to a more happy you.


Practising the above will definitely lead to a more happy life. After all, the basic desire of all is to live happily. And the best place to find it? Yes, it is within thyself. Hope you found this article useful. Watch out for more. Until then, be happy, live happy.