6 ways to overcome loneliness



Time and again, I have been tossed into the great realm of loneliness.

With a steady vocation and a fast paced every day, I seldom thought about that one area that I feared to venture into - the black gaping hole of loneliness. Life went by. The job that was once so endearing became a constant ache to the head. Friends drifted away. So did some of the family.

I slowed my fast paced life to give a few moments of pause. It was in these moments that I could fathom courage to slay the monster of lonesomeness. I made six action points and stuck to these fervently. Read along to find out:

Six ways to overcome loneliness:

1. Being inclusive: The foremost realisation when thinking of loneliness is that "in the hazy world of loneliness, I am not alone". There are many like me who are also lonely. So why not create an environment of inclusiveness? If going for a walk or to the art exhibition, invite someone in the vicinity to join. Invite someone home for lunch. Include people while performing any activity.

2. Connect: Reach out to your friends and family. Everybody is busy with themselves and in their own lives. Reaching out to them shows that you care and more importantly that they are important to you. Making someone feel important is essential to staying connected and to subsequently overcome loneliness.

3. Joining group classes: Interacting with people is a basic step towards warding off loneliness. Join a class – maybe yoga or maybe a fun baking class. Talk to all attendees and make friends where possible.

4. Art: Spending time to create something is a very fulfilling feeling. In a de-cluttered wholly lit space, create a piece of art. Studies have shown that art goes a long way in making a person feel connected to the whole universe.

5. Keep a pet: For someone who is living alone, this is a great option. Studies have shown that pets make great companions. Caring for a pet helps in the overall well-being of the individual.

6. Spirituality: Our connection with the supreme is vital. If we feel connected to the creator and have faith, then there is no question of loneliness. One can only experience this to understand what is being said. So today start your spiritual journey and never feel lonely.


If we look at the world on a given day, we can see that everybody is living different phases of their life. Somebody may be very busy with their family life. Somebody else might have just seen off the kids at the airport. Someone might have started a new life in a new city.

It is important to note that times keep changing. The phases of our life keep changing. Keeping the above given points in mind and bringing them to action when needed most will help staying connected to the universe and the world around us. Make 'being connected' a habit.

It has helped me. I wish it does to you too. Hope this article has been useful. Stay tuned for more.