6 reasons why friends are vital for our well-being



Let me ask you a question. Have you ever on an impulse wanted to talk to a friend and then put the idea off thinking “these days, nobody is just a call away”..?

Its true. Everybody seems busy. Especially so when we want them. The answer to the above question is simple. ‘Reach out’. ‘Connect’. Why reach out and connect? Coz having good long-lasting friendships comes with a string of wonderful benefits. A little bit of hard work in staying connected to our friends can go a long way in our well-being. Read on to find out how.

Below given are six reasons why friends are so vital for our well-being:

1. Sharing: When we spend time with our friends, we share a lot of our everyday happenings and also listen to the other person’s stories. This practise relieves stress. Its good to share. Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

3. Stay humble: True friends make us stay humble. Vocations and designations do not matter in friendships. All that matters is that we give time to our friend. Friendships brew humility.

2. Become better people: Good friends are also essentially good people. Giving a hug, extending a helping hand, listening without judging, being there when needed – all these help us become a better person. Good friends are also self less people. They are the best people to be around.

4. Laughter: Friends make us laugh. At ourselves, more so. This is very helpful for someone who takes themselves seriously. So spend time with your pals and have a hearty laugh. Laughter is a great stress buster.

5. Stay young: Studies have shown that friends make us stay young. We share and care, have fun hanging out, listen and talk, prevent loneliness, release that stress out. Yes, for those of you looking for the youth pill, friendship is that medicine that takes years together to get nurtured.

6. Travel buddies: Of all the benefits of having great long lasting friendships, our buddies also make great travel companions. Exploring new places, cultures with your besties makes for that much needed break from the mundane of life. So next time there is travel on your mind, ring in your pals and hit the road. Live those awesome experiences with the most awesome buddies.


Now that we know how vital friends are for our well-being, reach out for the phone and reach out to your friends. Ask to be met for coffee. Go out for a movie. Catch up over lunch. And then share your life experiences. Patiently listen to their stories. Connect. Create a bond.

You never know, who on the other end is in real need to talk to a friend. You might just be the blessing they were asking for.