5 benefits of visiting the beach



In our busy, monotonous lives, we often catch ourselves day dreaming. Lets describe this dream – watching the sunset on a sandy beach, feeling the breeze blow away those incessant thoughts, lounging on a beach chair with a drink or two at arm’s distance, taking a long walk right next to the waves or playing volleyball with your friends, collecting sea shells as we ponder on the puzzles of life. Haven’t we all dreamt of this?

The sun kissed beaches of Goa, those pristine beaches of Maldives, the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii and Miami – all make for a rejuvenating, relaxing visit. For the ones living on the coast, a visit to the beach may just be the dose of well-being that one might be looking for.

So here’s the question. Have you ever wondered why a visit to the beach feels so good? Those infinite waves gently kissing the shores, the breeze playfully driving away our thoughts to the wind – a visit to the beach is a must to soothe the mind. Read below five reasons why a visit to the beach is so beneficial:

  1. Health benefits: Studies have shown that a trip to the beach has several health benefits. Spending time out in the sun is essential for the overall health of a person. The sand in the air is good for the skin and hair becomes healthier when exposed to the sea breeze.

  2. Peace: Water has calming effects. Watching water in the form of waves for a period of time has shown to improve the mood of the person. The infinity of the ocean gives a philosophical perspective making a person more mindful and meditative.

  3. Better relationships: If visiting the beach with friends or family, bear in mind that beach visit helps strengthen relationships. Just sitting together and watching those waves creates an intense bond between people. A beach picnic serves ideal for a get together. Hosting a party also is a great idea as the ambience that a beach can provide is unmatched.

  4. Physical Fitness: One can keep fit by playing any sport while at the beach. Just walking or jogging is good enough. Beach volleyball is a popular sport to get that fabulous bod and is great to have fun as a team. For those who work-out in confined closed spaces, exercising out in fresh air can prove to be quite a welcome change.

  5. Express yourself: Time spent on the beach is also a fantastic time to express oneself. Write a poem or maybe fill in those pages of a journal. The mind becomes so calm that all those ruffled thoughts can be streamlined. Make notes in this moment of clarity.


Now that we know the benefits of visiting the beaches, make some time and visit one soon. Make some everlasting memories and bring back some sea shells. More importantly, come back with a radiant smile. Hope you found this article useful. Watch out for more. Until then, be happy and live happy.